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  • Don't like the way my hair smells and problems with dry hair!

    Hi guys I have been transitioning for almost 7 months and I seem to be having some problems. The coconut oil and eco styler gel that I'm using are making my hair smell kind of funny. Does anyone know anything that I can do to make it smell better?

    Also I'm having trouble keeping moisture in my hair. When I use s curl luster it is most for about a day or two and then dries out and it leaves my hair gunky, so I guess that I am currently looking for an alternative. Maybe I'm not using my coconut oil right? I don't put it in my scalp I only use it to run it down the length of my hair before putting gel on (for a braidout).

    As for my regiment, I don't really have a set one. I wash my hair about once a week with conditioner (but I'm thinking co-washing might make my hair more moisturized? and could it help with the smell?). I do a braidout about twice a week and they only last a day. All the rest of the days I just brush my hair back into a bun.

    Any suggestions/ tips would be greatly appreciated

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    You don't seem to deep condition and use a leave-in.

    Once a week use a deep conditioner. Depending on what you use it can be before or after you shampoo. DO NOT USE a protein conditioner every week unless you want hard hair.

    If it's deep conditioner you use after you shampoo then the night before you wash your hair but a little coconut oil on it. Then put on a satin scarf/bonnet and sleep in it.

    Once you have washed and conditioned your hair while it's still wet before using your gel and oil, use a leave in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners have water (aqua) as the first ingredient, then seal with oil and use your gel.

    The oil you should seal with can be something like almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil etc.

    Then everyday wet your hair using a spray bottle and apply leave-in conditioner then oil to your hair particularly the ends.

    If you end up with a build up of products just wash your hair and repeat. There is no law governing how often you should wash your hair as ideally you should be aiming at cleaning your scalp with shampoo not your actual hair. This is why putting coconut oil on your hair before hand helps to stop the shampoo from drying your hair out.


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      I forgot to add make sure you wash your satin scarf/bonnet you sleep in every week. In fact have a few so you will have a clean one for after you sleep in the coconut oil.

      And coconut oil is absorbed readily into the hair in around 8-13 hours there as other oils sit on it. The ones that sit on your hair help seal in the mositure that is there.

      The reasons you may have a funny smell:
      1. Is that oils do go off if not left in the right condition or open to long. So check your oil hasn't gone off.
      2. Some products simply smell bad used together. I've never used coconut oil with ecostyler.
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        Try refined coconut oil instead of unrefined/virgin because it doesn't have a strong smell.

        Also maybe you should wash your hair with shampoo if the smell lingers all the time. You might have product buildup.

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