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  • 11 Weeks and Counting

    Hello ladies.

    Nice to be here.


    My hair is short, well it's not short, short, but well it's short. Whatever.........I had been using the rods to set my hair, but after about 3 weeks of success now I have hit a wall. My curls will not hold through the day. I am using the same items I was 3 weeks ago, but then my curls would hold throughout the day, I would even workout at the gym and they would hold. Now by 12:00pm the curls just fall out and look frizzy. I have kept some supplies at work so I am able to put it back so I don't look like a totally crazy lady.

    I am really tied of sleeping on those rods, taking an hour and a half to put them in only to have them come undone by 12 noon.

    Right now I have made a french braid in the back and put some barettes back there, but I really don't know what to do with it.

    I fear it will only get worst as summer is coming and the perm part of my hair is just not holding the curl.

    I will not put heat on it, and I don't have the money for braids. I don't want them as I want to take the best possible care of my hair while it is transitioning and braids make it complicated.

    Any suggestion? I don't know how long I can wear it back as the new growth is really starting to come in.

    I used the Fantasia, and Eco Gel, and even made some pudding (that worked for awhile). Am I putting too much oil on my hair?

    What am I doing wrong? Those rods are a bitch, but I really liked that style.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, I am 10 weeks post relaxer and I have short hair. I had been rodding my hair for the last two weeks and mine last the entire week, maybe because it is shorter. I have hit a wall too and I dont know what to o with my hair either. I have been natural 2 other times so it is not nothing or me to just go and BC, but I am trying to hold out at least until september.

    what are you using to set your hair with? And what kind of oil are you using?


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      I started out with some Olay Oil Gel, but then I found Fantasia and that's a little drying for my hair. I'm am using Eco now. I tried using setting lotion, pudding.....everything I use now does not work.

      I think maybe I am putting too much oil on my hair. Jojoba, Olive, then I change it to Jojoba, coconut and almond oil.

      I don't think the oil is doing any favors to the perm part of my hair and that is why the curls are not holding.

      Why do you think you are hitting the wall? By the by my hair never last that long. I had to rod it every night.


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        When I set my hair I just put in some conditioner and set it, I think mine last a week because it is short. Every day I would use coconut oil and just rub it thru my hair. I am hitting a wall because I am running out of styles. Yeah the rods work but I get bored fast. The new growth is coming in really good now and I know my styling options will have to change. I have been natural 2 times before this time, this is my first time transitioning. I BC the other two times and it looks like I will be doing it this time too lol.


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          Imma find a way, cause I don't want to be wearing no combs and scarfs and bans around my head for months and months.

          I really like this young lady;

          Stop Breakage Problems While Transitioning to Natural Hair

          Check out her different hair styles.

          By the by I got a good suggestion that I twist my hair before curling it and my hair really looks good today. I think my problem has been solved........

          for's gonna be a looooonnnnnnggggg summer.


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            I did not see a link on the person.

            I hear ya about it being long summer. how long do you plan to transition? About how long is your hair?


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              If you click on Stop Breakage Problems While Transitioning you should click right on to her site. She styles her hair in so many diffirent ways but my hair is shorter then hers, but I am still going to try some of them.

              My hair is longer than a tiny afro and shorter then chin length. I would say in the short hair category that I have the longest hair in the short hair category. Does that make sense?

              I plan on transitioning until the bitter end, mind you I will continue to trim my ends. My new growth comes in fast so I am hoping to be done with all of this by September.