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  • I REALLY need some help!!!!!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Kaelyn and I have only been natural for two months now. I'm really struggling to understand what to do with my hair. I have a TWA and I think I have kinky hair. Honestly, I'm not sure what type of hair texture I have. All I know is that it drys up SO FAST!!! It's crazy. I'm not sure if this is normal or if this is something I should be worried about. My hair is also coily at the roots but (for lack of a better word) frizzy/fuzzy at the tips. It doesn't really coil or curl individually. I've been using the Curls Unleashed shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and Curl Defining cream but my hair just absorbs that like a sponge. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! ANY help will be very much appreciated.

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    You probably have high porosity hair if it dries quickly. You should check out the curly Nikki articles about porosity. I don't have high porosity but I've researched so many things on the Internet in my 3 years perm free so I know a lil bit lol. One thing I would suggest is the loc method. Liquid, oil, cream. There are many forum topics about it but basically after you wash your hair apply a liquid based product ( some people use leave ins some just leave there hair wet with water) follow with an oil or silicon serum ( some naturals don't like silicones but I personally love them and they WILL help with frizz) and then use a cream or butter based product.( some people like a gel in place of cream).


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      Another tip is to add some protein to your routine ( I'm not sure about curls unleashed ingredients) but having a great protein to moisture balance is key. Also hi porosity hair basically mean your cuticle is raised so moisture escaped fast. I've read on hear the doing your final rinse with cold water or applying a refrigerated leave in will help close the cuticle thus keeping in the moisture. Not sure of the science behind it


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        Just to make sure

        Should I put all of these things in my hair after I wash or just one or two of them. I'm sort of confused.


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          You mean the LOC method, well yea... liquid first, the oil, then cream.... I moisturise my hair every night but I only use a leave in and an oil mix, i don't do the cream cause in the morning I moisturise again with my moisturiser and oil. Since I've been doing that CONSISTENTLY my hair has retained moisture and stop frizzy fuzzing up like it used to. Tbh just be consistent in whatever you are doing
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            Sounds like u should ditch the shampoo and cowash only shampoo monthly or if u have product build up try using shea moisture curl enchancing smoothie and coconut oil to seal hair at night and baggy that will help u with keeping ur moisture and for styling try shea moistures curl souffle this stuff worked wonder for me with my twa my hair was extremely dry when I big chopped hope this helps

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