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  • help me save my 3y.o. brittle,dry hair

    This is my 3y.o. Hair. It is hurting me to see it this way. Her hair is falling out. I have tried everything. Nothing makes it grow and nothing stops it from breaking off or just coming out at the root. Sometimes,i don't want to touch it because i know if i brush or Comb it, it will come out. I know hair dies and some should come out. But not like this. I have tried vitamin e pill. I have poked wholes in the pills and squeezed out the vitamin e into petroleum grease. I have tried Indian hemp,coconut oil, etc. doesn't work. I have tried Beautiful textures product,nothing. I have the expensive Shea Moisture product,nothing. Her scalp eats moisture. If you grease it,1 hour later its dry. She had a fungus like 2 years ago,they treated with meds. Her hair has been falling out and breaking off since she was 1. Now she is going bald. I don't know what to do for her. I have tried everything. She got impetigo when i used the Shea moisture line. So that went in the trash. Hairs been falling out in bunches since. Its thin,brittle hair. If you braid it you can't leave it in or her hair comes out in pieces. Dont know what to do. Can anyone help me?
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    did you mean to attach a pic?

    i would try going to a dermatologist. she may have a type of condition that needs medical treatment. my niece has hair like that and this weekend i used a pure shea butter mix and it seemed to be working so far, it's only been 3 days though. if you would like to try it, look up naptural85 on youtube, i made her shea butter mix.


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      i agree with taking her to see a dermatologist
      rosemary rinses help with scalp growth and keeping hair strong also try rubbing some aloe vera gel in her problem area.
      have you tried the loc method and deep conditioning her hair
      try using a heavy leave in, then seal with a shea butter mix and then a cream
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        Yes,i tried to upload a pic,but something happened. I will try again. She has been to a derm. He put her on some meds, that made her ill. She just has a really bad dry scalp.
        At curly whirly,i have no idea what a Loc method. Im willing to do anything to help her.


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          I would try the derm again. Sometimes, meds for cosmetic reasons are trial and error as well. She has a scalp condition that will need to be gotten under control before you will see any growth. Let me tell you what I do for my three y/o and maybe this will help.
          1. Shampoo 1/month with sheamoisture (your doc may be able to recommend something else)
          2. Co-wash as needed, but at least 1/month with tresemme naturals
          3. Use tresemme naturals as the leave-in
          4. Seal with my sheabutter mix (pure coconut oil or jamaican black castor oil will work just fine)
          5. Style in a way that I can leave it for at least a week and not need to restyle.
          6. When ever her hair feels/looks dry, I use a spray bottle of water and tresemme naturals and seal again.

          Her styles are usually twists for a month, twist out for about 2 weeks, afro puffs for a week, then start all over with the twist again. Also, I don't use a comb to detangle her hair unless there is no other way around using my fingers. Sometimes, I would rather snip the tangle from her hair than to detangle it.

          I had to keep her reggie really simple because she doesn't like to get her hair combed, sleeps on her back so her hair in the back was beginning to break off really bad, and she rearely leaves home (no daycare).

          Oh, and LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream. First moisturize her hair with a liquid like water or a leave in whose first ingredient is water, seal with an oil, then apply your cream on top. It is very similar to what I do for my daughter. I hope this helps.
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            I went though something similar with my daughter. She has seborrhea. I agree with the other comments to take her to a dermatologist. Preferably one with experience with african descent hair and skin conditions. It sounds like her fungus never fully clear up. Fungus are very hard to get rid of or she develop another condition or is having an allergic reaction to something. Because impetigo is a bacterial infection that commonly occurs when the skin is irritated or had an allergic to something. Check the ingredient list on the Shea moisture line and compare it with your regime to see if there is a common ingredient she could be reacting to. Also make sure the fungus is completely gone and if she impetigo that it was treated and cured.


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              When my oldest daughter was younger she had a fungus on her scalp. At the time I was stationed in Okinawa where it's always humid. When I took her to the doctor she explained to me what I was doing wrong. I was washing her hair frequently because she would come home from daycare with sand in her hair. The problem was that I never let her thick hair dry before adding products/putting in ponytails; combined with the constant humidity, her scalp was always moist (a breeding ground for bacteria). I used the medicated shampoo the doctor prescribed and from that point on I made sure her scalp and hair were dry before putting it in ponytails, and made sure she wore a hat when she went outside to play. It cleared up and she has long beautiful hair, but she has a very small bald spot that is only noticeable when she points it out.