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  • My daughter's hair won't grow

    Hi all! I'm writing for advice because I am at a complete loss as to why my almost 5 yr old daughter's hair won't grow. Now, I say "Won't grow" because her hair has been the same length since she was 2, and when I comb/style/shampoo it, I don't notice any abnormal shedding or breakage. Her hair is barely 2 inches at the longest point (top). As far as styling, I keep her hair plaited (not tight) up. I was doing it once per week, but I though that may have been too often, so for the last 4 months I've been stretching it to 2-3 weeks. I use Shea Moisture products in her hair. I also spritz and oil her scalp and the ends of her plaits a few times per week. I'd say she has 4c hair so I'm always sure to keep it moisturized and it definitely doesn't feel dry. Lately, I've been using the SM JBCO line which has some protein, so we'll see how that goes. Finally, I wanted to rule out anything medical, so her pediatrician ran bloodwork. The only thing she found was that she was borderline anemic. She was put on an iron supplement and her iron level quickly normalized. This was close to a year ago. I also took her to a dermatologist and an allergist, but all checked out well with both. Many people tell me that it'll grow eventually and I hope that's true, but my daughter is starting talking about wanting long hair. She goes to a predominantly white school and wants long hair like the other kids. I've talked to her, bought books, etc in an effort to get her to love her hair, but it isn't working. I started adding fake hair and beads to her plaits because of this and she looooves it. I really didn't want to put extensions in her hair, but I didn't want her to feel embarrassed of her short hair in school. I'm at my wits end. Is there something I'm missing? I'm sorry for being so long winded. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry to hear that your daughter's hair will not grow. I have some resources on my YouTube channel, DiscoveringNatural ( Any questions you have, you can find answer on the channel.

    However, here are some things for you:
    1. Make sure your child's hair has a balance of Moisture and Protein. Moisture will help keep hair soft and Protein will strengthen it and that will help reduce breakage and also retain length.
    2. Practice low manipulation on the hair. This involves reducing how much combing you do on the hair, you can try finger detangling.
    3. Deep condition the hair WEEKLY.
    4. Look into incorporating natural products that promote growth. Some oils that help are Lavender, rosemary, castor oil, and also using aloe vera helps.
    5. Incorporate black tea rinses into her regimen. Here is how to do it: yfGOTi_Ifu6Gj&index=5


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      There is a product line called etae hair if you're on instagram the page is @etaehair they have great product Sent from my LG-D801 using CurlyNikki App


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        Thanks for your help!


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          Well dear I understand you concened about the hair of your daughter wich is not growing properly , I guess you need to get her proper diet and get proper consultation from a specialist ..
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