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  • How do you encourage your girls to love the hair that GOD gave them?

    I'm trying new styles on my daughter and telling her how beautiful she and her hair its and it helps that others love the styles as well. I did bantu knots and bantu knots outs. She normally doesn't like her hair out she love protective styles. I'm hoping she continue to love her hair being around mainly white people with long straight hair and it doesn't help that Spanish children have a preconception notions of African American hair. I try to education them because I know its their parents that passing on misinformation. I don't talk about other races hair I wonder why they talk about ours?

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    As long as yoi continue to teach her to love herself the way she is she sill b fine


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      Just keep doing what you're doing! One day, she will appreciate it. Don't allow her to ever get a perm, and always show her other girls/women like her to look up to. She will be okay!
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        It took me 10years to actually realize how versatile African American hair is...if you show her that get hair can to the same as white people hair and go straight or curl like the Hispanics and many different things our hair can do that other races hair can not Sent from my LG-D801 using CurlyNikki App


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          I find that action speaks louder than words. When we as parent show that we love our hair, it catches on like wild flower. Also, being careful to choose the right words when referring to their hair, or any issue we might have.
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            Hello! My daughter had the same issues. We teamed up and created... The Angelica Doll. The first natural hair 18 inch doll for curly girls! One of the best features - your daughter can style and wash the doll's hair just as natural hair. Feel free to contact me for more info. I also just started a forum about the doll and would love feedback!


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              My girls have generally 3c / 4c hair type and I struggled finding books, artwork and dolls with characters with tightly curly hair. I remember once ordering a special 'multicultural' Cinderella book only to discover once it arrived that the beautiful darker skinned Cinderella had straightened long hair! (no pic of her on the cover). Going through photos of tightly curly beautiful women on Google images has really helped my girls to see their tightly curly hair as beautiful and not so unusual. Fortunately I am an Illustrator myself and off the back of the Cinderella book we received (my girls commented "I want hair like that" when looking at the illustrations of straight haired Cindy) I created my own Cinderella book which contains a range of hair types including a gorgeous tightly curly Cinderella. It worked - my girls were pointing at tightly curly Cinderella with huge smiles saying "her hair is like mine... she's pretty". I also create and sell personalised illustrations and have many different hair types / textures to choose from. I also often stick in curly characters in illustration jobs whenever I can. If you want to have a look, you can see my artwork on my website and view / purchase illustrations via my online shop (I have one of my Cinderella illustrations in there).


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                Dove made a commercial called "Love Your Curls" and it is so adorable. I almost started crying because of the message it gives. You should definitely watch it with your daughter ~~Dove Hair: Love Your Curls
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                  Hello all, I am so glad I came across this thread! I have be styling afro hair for over 5 years and I have had clients from all over England and parts of Europe and I think it is soooo important to equip girls with the tools to love their afro hair! I have seen the impact on kids that grow up in places where they are a visible minority where everything around them is telling them that they are too different, alien and ugly - making them hate the things that make them different especially their hair. It is heart breaking.
                  But there is so much we can do to stop this from happening, to help girls in these situations love every single part of themselves! I think its is definitely right that it starts with us as women - they say if you educate a woman, you educate a generation so that is why I'm on a mission!
                  I want to open an afro hair studio for children in London (and who knows where else!) This will be a place of learning and embracing every kink and curl! If you believe in this too, please support my campaign for votes in order to pitch my idea to Richard Branson starting on Monday!