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  • Moisturising in braid/twists hair extensions

    Hi ladies, I really hope you can help me. As the winter approaches, it is time for me to put my hair away. Not just that, but I kinda have to say that the breakage I have been experiencing due to daily handling of my hair putting in twists has me beat. So I am going to buy me some kinky twists. Question are:

    1. How can I keep my naturally dry 4b hair moisturised while in twist extensions?
    2. What sort of moisturisers (especially home made/kitchen ones) do you ladies recommend?

    Some background info - Stopped relaxing in 2008. BC'd in 2009. Since then, its been a vicious cirle of damage by rough handling, cut, damage again, cut. Now I want to have long healthy hair. My hair grows like weeds when in braids, but it is usually dry, so breaks off. For the length of time I have been natural, I do not have the length or health of hair to show for it.

    Please help.

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    Hey Coilycurly,

    I have my hair in braids & kinky twists right now and I've been keeping them moisturized with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the curl styling milk. I also use a mixture of different oils (especially castor oil & jojoba oil) and water. I moisturize every other day (I learn from the last time I had braids because my hair was constantly dripping oil from me doing it everyday). I go section by section, rubbing in the smoothie or curl milk, and sealing with the oil as if my hair was loose. I make sure to add some moisture to the actual extension hair as well because that could definitely dry out your hair. I used to spritz my hair with water and oil but I found that's how the oil built up and would be dripping all day long. Today, I took down a couple of twists and underneath my hair was surprisingly soft and still moisturized from days before. Usually, I have to fight my hair to stay moisturized but this has been working well so far. Hope this helps.
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      I have twists in my hair now and I keep it moisturized with water and jojoba oil and that's it. I like to keep it simple this year.

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        I use water mixed with tea tree oil in a bottle!

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          Have you thought about maybe doing a shorter protective style first (before the kinky twists)? Say one that would last 3-4 weeks only? Then maybe you could take a week's break after you take them out in order to deep condition and check the condition of your hair before moving on to something that could last longer. Just a suggestion since you've got all winter long to protect your curls so there's more time to test things out!
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            Whenever my hair is in twists/braids/cornrows, I spritz with a mix of water, aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil 1-2x a day. I also apply a bit of Oyin Hair Dew, and sometimes a little shea butter, especially before I wrap my hair at night. I concentrate on moisturizing my real hair underneath the extensions so that it's not a crackly mess when I take my hair out. AND I co-wash at least 1x a week.

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            Current Regimen:
            Poo: 1x a week after pre-poo/hot oils
            Co-wash: 1x a week or as needed
            Deep Condition: 1x a week
            Protein Treatment: as needed
            Moisturize & Seal: as needed


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              I pretty much do the same as the others. I spray water with avocado and olive oil in it. Then I spray a bit of oil and run my fingers through my braids to seal in the moisture.
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                Hello ladies,

                Thank you all for your advice, what i am getting from your messages is that water and some kind of oil are the best kind of moisturisers. Right now I am loving castor oil, so might try that with water. @ desired27 - I have heard great things about the shea moisture line, but we dont get that here in the UK. Oh how I would love to try their products.

                @babycurl, I had twists with my own hair for about 3 months and that was good protective style but I did not enjoy the fuzziness that came after washing them. I felt i had to redo them after each wash, therefore, it ended up not being very protective style.

                Have you all found cowashing to not cause buildup then within the braids? So would that be, cowash, deep condition (with / without heat?), then spray/ seal with oil. Then on the next day make a mixture of water and oil. What kind of % of oil are you putting. I have always been heavy handed and do not also want to be dripping in oil.

                (Side note - when i have a good day, i think, i have this natural thing down, then when i keep having to cut my hair, i then think maybe i am just not cut out for this. sigh)

                Thanks ladies for all your replies. Hope I am not asking too many questions.