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  • Help me type my hair and figure out a routine?

    Hi, all. I've been set on calling my hair 4C but... in all honesty, I don't even know what it is. Some say it's Z shaped curls, some say its really tiny curls, and some say it doesn't even exist. Lately after i've actually moisturized my hair, i've been trying t call it 4 something... 4b seems too small of swirls and 4c seems to barely be a thing @[email protected] The ends are really loose but I think this MAY be some heat damage. I haven't straightened it in some months but never trimmed. My daily routine : Super simple, just recently spraying water until damp and and sealing with grease - I used to use creams and oils and all that but my hair would just be super dry in a few hours so I'd have to go into a bathroom and do it all over again 😩 I did the grease + water this morning and it's still soft and i can touch my hair and not break it, lol. I guess I'm still worried the grease is really bad for my hair.

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    Not exactly sure, but it looks like mine. I said eff categorizing my hair and just try to figure out what makes it healthy. Yours looks like it may be high porosity like mine, so you may need to incorporate protein treatments, apple cider vinegar rinses and quarterly trims. The goal is to keep your hair cuticles sealed and strong to retain moisture and less prone to breakage.
    Here's a link to what i use in my hair:
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      It's hard to say what type is it from just an image. May be your hair stylist can predict exactly what your hair type is?


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        I would also 2nd the statement of Nicoloas...
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