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  • Box Braid Help

    I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right section and if I am not I apologize.

    I love getting twists and box braids in my hair as a protective style. One problem I always seem to have though is that my roots grow outward. Like I can see the white bulb root end of my hair through my braids. It starts after about only a week and then gets worse. Is there some way to fix this or make the roots less noticeable. By about week three I look like I have a head full of dandruff and everyone knows that's not a good look.

    Thanks for any help and I hope I explained my problem right.

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    Hi shnn! Welcome to Curly Nikki! It sounds like your braids are too tight and your hair that is coming out is getting caught in your braids.
    Wen...nothing else!


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      It's happened no matter who has done my hair. I've been getting braids pretty consistently for the past seven years and have had many different stylists. One did them so loose most of them fell out before the week was out but I still had the same issue. I never feel like the braids are too tight but I guess that could be it. It would mean every single person I've had work on my head is doing them too tight though.

      Thanks for the response.


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        Ive only had that happen from leaving hair up to long...could it b ur allergic to the fake hair