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  • Split ends even after a trim

    Hey, ladies! So, my hair is growing, but I can't seem to keep the splitsies and rough ends at bay. I have even gotten professional trims, only to see MORE split/rough-feeling ends the next day. What gives?

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    How do you care for your hair? Are you being gentle with your hair? Remember the ends of your hair require more attention. What is your hair porosity? Is your hair balanced (moisture/protein)?


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      I am gentle...I only comb while wet and coated with conditioner. I co-wash at least once every other week in the winter and DC every time. I typically wear a twistout. I have medium-ish porosity. It doesn't take a whole lot to moisturize. Not sure on the balance part. I had intended to do a protein treatment this weekend and got a little sick (and a lot lazy).

      It seems like my entire life has been full of split ends, regardless of my care. I'm sure that's not true, just seems that way.
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        That describes my hairs life perfectly! all of 2014 i had a HUGE set back cuz i neglected taking proper care of my ends, and my first actual trim as a natural i had to cut off like 3-4 inches off cuz my ends were horrible... then i trimmed it 2 more times and its gotten better but i def had to cut a bit to have healthier ends. This yr its my goal to have less split ends, so im trimming it 4 times this yr to make sure my ends r at bay.

        Your stylist prob didnt cut all the ends off, make sure the next time you trim, to tell them whatever splits they see, cut em off! Yes it was hard for me to cut the length off, but trust me the length came back rather quick cuz my ends were healthier and easier to handle. i would suggest to stop stying for awhile and do low maintenance to your hair and put more moisture on your ends when its wash day. what i do is i braid it everytime i wash it and keep the braids in till next wash day (sometimes i take it out and rock a braid out, and very rarely i dont braid my hair to do something diff w/ my hair) and then twirl at the ends to keep it secured, but be careful when twirling, i feel like thats a good way to get splits too. And when i go out i either have a beanie on where its 100% secured or ill put it in a pony tail and do it like that, protective styling! Or u can try any other protective styles u like to do to make sure your ends r good. To start off (if your ends r that horrible) Do PS most of the time, keep it moisturized and balanced w/ protein, and trim your hair once every other month till u feel that your ends r perf. Then once u feel your ends r perf, keep PS and try diff ways to ensure that your ends r healthy until your next trim, wait like 4-6 months this time.. once u trim and u feel that your ends r good, then youre golden

        Oh, and finger detangle, its easier and you can feel knots as u detangle
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          Are your ends actually split? For the longest stylists thought I had split ends until one looked closely and couldn't find not a single split end! She just said my ends were frizzy...even after they were cut they still looked that way. That was back in my relaxed days...even now, as a natural my hair still looks that way when I flat iron it. When its curly, you can't tell. But I don;t have any split ends! They just look frizzy. With that being said, I don't have any other advice but to embrace it and to continue taking care of your hair like you have been. Good luck.
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            I think it s very much good for the curly hair to be trim to when it growing long ...
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