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  • Ladies...My ends feel dry & matted, fairy knots...HELP

    do i need to cut off my ends... how can i make my ends soft again.

    I DC every week. Shampoo once or twice a month.
    I twist my hair while its wet so it can hair dry. (however its winter and i havent really been doing protective styles)
    I make my own shea butter mix to moisturize and seal my ends.
    i use shea moisture in the process and vatika oil every now and then. ....what am i not doinggggg... do i need a protein treatment i using the wrong products...what???

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    Cut about 1/4 of an inch I had the same issue and that helped a lot


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      Yeah I agree, you probably need a little trim. I had to get a lot cut off because I kept putting it off but my hair felt so much better and it grew back fast

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        Before you cut, I have something you can try. It worked for me. My hair was brushing my clothes for the longest time and I did not realize how much that damaged my ends. I have really fine strands.

        If I wasn't wearing my hair out I would pin, twist or somehow get the ends off my clothes. As it got longer I stopped wetting my whole head, but I found giving just my ends an extra spritz with cool distilled water and a little dab of my butter pomade then tucking them out of the way helped smooth the rough and bushy ends.

        I usually do that while my hair is in twists but it can be done even when the hair is loose. Gently take a loc (piece, hank etc) of hair, spritz a little cool water on the ends. Smooth the water in with your fingers and add a little oil or butter or cream if you want but seal the cream in with a tiny bit of oil. Just keep smoothing towards the tips with your fingers and then tuck the end up and out of the way. Do it to all of your ends. No comb, no brush, just fingers, water and oil. After a week I started noticing the difference. It can't hurt and you can do this for a couple of weeks and if you don't see a difference then cut.
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