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  • Dry scalp!! Help please Dx

    I deep conditioned my hair over night a few nights ago and my hair felt fine, ever since that night I've been using my spritz and a mixture of organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil to seal in moisture. My hair is braided in cornrows so I can't use the loc method. My thing is my scalp is starting to feel itchy and dry even though I do this daily. Help ):
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    It sounds like your scalp needs some attention. The first thing I always try when I'm wearing braids is to use an oil that come in a bottle that has a pointed tip. That way I can get in to some of those dry places. If that's not possible or just doesn't work I take the braids and wash my hair. It is possible that something in the conditioner you used is causing the problem.
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      Too much product and stuff on your scalp. The scalp usually produces enough oil without adding extra. Extreme water temps, products that throw the pH off and too much oil can make the scalp itchy. If you are putting oil on your scalp then your scalp tries to over correct and will either produce too much oil to counter the dryness or produce not enough. I haven't oiled my scalp in years because I realized what I was doing.

      You are going to have to wash your hair and scalp in warm water, rinse in warm/cool water. Make sure to leave no product on your scalp. When you oil your hair, make sure to leave your scalp product free. Its going to be dry at first, don't be tempted to add oil. Your skin will produce it and normalize. keep all product off your scalp.
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        i already have my sew-ins done so the person who did it applied hot 6 oils and the itching has been gone for 2 days now ^^ im using the lighter oils every morning in the areas that its needed like my edges, and the hot six every week or two i havent decided yet this is great so faar. thank you!