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  • How to get easily banana bits out of your hair

    Please help. i freak out. i did a banana mask with oil and then...
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    The best I can tell you is to comb out your hair under the shower head, detangle with a conditioner, and comb out your hair under the water again. You can finger detangle, use a wide toothed comb, or a denman-like brush.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thank you i am so desperate. my hair feels very soft but the bits are terrible.

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        I feel you, Coily. I had the same thing happen with avocado.

        Nothing worked to get those rips out. I would clarify and brush and the ones toward my ends would come off but then two days later the ones near my roots would travel.

        The next time, you can use baby food bananas. I quit making my own products after that.
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          We all make mistakes. Fortunately i got the bits out at one daY. It was not so horrible because i have a twa but i dont want to imagine waist length hair with banana bits. I would cry. I am going to buy the deep conditioner with shea butter and coconut i saw once in a store because it is free from fruits!:-D We all learn from setbacks. I learned that it's important to learn hair know during the twa stage. Hair is like a baby!:-D you must give it water, love and no bananas..
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            Same thing happened to me first time I tried a banana dc but that's more so because I only mashed it with a fork. Banana baby food is an option but your dc will be runny. Definitely only use raw banana if you have a really good blender or food processor. I use the Ninja Express Chop (only 20 bucks) now for all hair recipes and never have this issue anymore. For me, attempting to get the bits out under running water only made things worse. Better to comb them out on dry hair.


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              Co-wash them out. Make sure to rinse each section well, if you wash in sections.
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                I was going to say what LJudah said. Best to let your hair dry completely and using your fingers and a comb to get the pieces out. You might need help for the back. If you use the comb, work in extremely small sections. Like no bigger than 1/2 inch section of hair at a time.
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