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  • Hair Care Check-in

    Hey Ladies,

    This is my first post so I am really excited. For the last five years, I have neglected my hair. I used glue on top of glue, I got a weave over and over. I did nothing to care for my hair. However, I am ready to change. I have been focusing on finding the right products and getting my hair healthy. It looks like I am off to a great start. Since I am still figuring out my hair, I am not quite ready for a hair challenge. However, I would love to se up a regular check in with you ladies, track our progress, discuss the products we used each weeks, ets. How does this sound?

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    This sound good to me i havent found a group that i can start with and get to know them so im in.

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      Hey ladies! I am 13 months natural. I transitioned only 5 months before cutting my permed pieces of hair. I used Shea Moisture Moisture retention line and their line for growth and thickening and I must say it was a good year... I started off with hair that was about 1/2 inch long and here I am today.. I have ventured out by becoming a product junkie but, I found other things that made my hair feel great and thrive too. Qhemet biologics, Camille rose, entwine couture, reve essentials, curl junkie rehab.. I have to tailor to thin/fine hair so I have to make sure not to put heavy products on my hair. But, good luck with your journeys and do lots if research.. I did and it helped tremendously! Attachment Attachment Attachment
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      Embracing the natural me more and more! I <3 me... muah! xoxoxox


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        This sounds great! I am a recovering product junkie. I have been buying products not to see if they will perform some magic on my hair, but because I just liked trying the next best thing. I am slowing down as I approach my two year mark. I did not transition at all, I started with about 1 inch of hair.

        I am now at 7 1/2 inches all over. I did cut about an inch off twice in the past two years.

        I am experimenting with shampoo bars. I like how they make my hair feel. I am currently using the Cream and Coco Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo bar and I follow up all my shampoo bars with an ACV rinse.

        My DCs are the Reve Essentials Moisture Treatment, Naturelle Grow Mango and Coconut Water DC, and the She Scent It Fortifying Hair Mask (for protein). I will be adding rhassoul clay to my moisture DCs to experiment.

        My Leave Ins are the Oyin Hair Dew, the Shea Moisture Raw Restorative Conditioner, and the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Conditioner.

        My Moisturizers are the She Scent It Brazil Nut Curly Butter Cream and the Lace Naturals Mas Humidad Hair Cream.

        My stylers vary.

        My favorite oils are castor, coconut, and olive.

        I am very happy of the progress my hair is making. I am retaining length very nicely. I don't use any heat on my hair and I am blessed with a thick, kinky texture.
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          My new holy grail is the Anita Grant condish bar cubes mixed with banana, honey and coconut milk. I swear my curls are so elongated. I conditioned over night and washed it out this morning. My hair has never looked so beautiful. I'm not sure how long it will look like this but I'm thinking about doing this deep conditioning treatment every week.


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            I'm in! I've been natural for almost 2 months now. I transitioned for 12 months and did the bc in December. My hair is growing and I'm now able to pull it into a bun (with gel) but I wasn't able to do that a month ago. I am still experimenting with products. I noticed that some things that my hair use to love when I was relaxed or even transitioning no longer works. For example, I loved myhoneychild when I was relaxed/ transitioning but now her products are not as moisturizing on my hair anymore. So far my hair staples are shea moisture retention shampoo (this shampoo has never never fail me), oyin honey hemp (detangler), shea moisture curl & shine conditioner (I love this as a dc). That's it for now. I'm loving my journey and would love to share info. with you ladies and help each other.


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              Count me in!!

              I've been absent from the boards lately and I miss talking to all you girls about hair!!

              I've been natural for six months now, I bc'd after transitioning for 8 months. I have been having a wonderful time throughout my hair journey and love my natural hair more than ever. I am also a big PJ who is trying to stop but I just love trying new products!!

              I also subscribe to about 4 different hair/beauty boxes so my product supply won't be dwindling anytime soon.

              My favorite style is a braidout but lately i've been trying new things like twistouts, curlformers, and washngo's
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                Are transitioners welcomed to join??


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                  I have been hearing alot aboit shampoo bars. It sounds weird because I never heard of them before I went natural lol

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                    Hey ladies,

                    All is welcome. Thanks so much for all the great feedback. I am still learning all of the vocabulary lol...

                    I am not sure how to describe my hair... I have had really thin hair all my life - it hereditary since my mom has thin hair as well.. I went through all my adolescence growing my hair and having it fall out because it could not withstand anything. I mean I had jerry curls, then went to a perm, then went press and curl and nothing worked for my hair, it was so depressing. FInally, I became addicted big weave and no care for my real hair. this went on for about 4 years. For the amount of neglect my hair experience, I must say it held up pretty. In any case, no chemicals have touch the back of my hair in 5 years including heat. Thi is because I permed the front just to cover the front of my hair for my weaves. However, when I took out my weave at the end of December, I noticed, I gained a considerable amount of growth!! I was o taken aback, I decided it's time for change.

                    SO right now my products include

                    Castor oil Daily to seal and to oil the scalp
                    Egg protein treatment with avocados ( I did the once and my hair feels amazing!!!)
                    Wild growth oil - once a week
                    Hairfinity vitamins daily

                    My hair is defintely looks and feel a whole lot healthier but I don't see any growth. Am I missing something?
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                      [email protected] Curly - please do join!


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                        MSmaybell - your hair looks amazing... you are defintley on the right track!


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                          Great, just sub!! I look forward to learning and sharing with y'all. I'm transitioning my last relaxer was Dec.15th 2012


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                            I must say this more exciting than my hair journal using my evernote app!

                            Brief history: Last relaxer - Dec 2011, chopped off remaining relaxed ends Dec 2012. My relaxed hair was cut in a "tapered in the back, long in the front" cut so my hair isn't even all around. The longest section is about 6-7 inches. Shortest is about 4.

                            My main (and only) style is twist-outs. Lately I've been experimenting with flat twisting my hair different ways so my twist outs look different.

                            I'm a PJ!! In rehab lol. Trying to find staples but I love trying new stuff.

                            I wash and DC weekly and recently colored using Shea Moisture's new box color.

                            Staples line are Oyin, Shea Moisture, and Amazing Botanicals. I'm just starting to use Shampoo bars and co-washing.

                            Biggest challenges: I still have a little breakage & growing my nape back to health.
                            Thick, dense, coily, protein friendly 4-something hair

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                              Ok i forgot to talk about my hair lol so i actually transition without knowing what is was. I stop perming my hair and only keep my hair braided. Finally last august i had the BC, since that all i do wash and condition then braid my hair, ive been natural for 8 months now and its growing healthy but slowly.

                              I make my own shea butter mixture to do twist or any style, ive my mixture of oil jbco, vitamin, coconut, avocado. I dc with honey and yogurt. Thats about it.

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