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  • protein overload,no idea what im doing

    just a warning this will be a long post as it's my first i'd love if one would share their thoughts read/reply if you wish

    I'AM writting too you ladies out of confusion and frustration first i'd like too say are guys allowed on the fourms? if so excuse my wrongful thinking and i'll take a leave.
    next i'll give a bit of info (i just discovered) on my hair to the best of my knowledge. i have low porosity takes forever like jesus's 2nd coming
    i joke thick it's & pretty curly as it gets longer although my crown is loose hasn't coiled up yet?
    (maybe damaged?) this is a big problem dont know my hair type the best way i can describe it is.
    there is some small nub-lets of bouncey hair in the shape of small logs sticking out of my afro the curl is small(i really love it like i find it compelling too the touch)
    i've never actually had a hair regimen, never cared about taking care of my hair cause it was short. truly oblivious but i hitherto decided i want to grow some dreadlocks... hither lies mine problem
    i also have MADDD!!! protein overload hair's all wiry,mad dry my god i mean i guess i've always had this problem but wasn't made fully aware of it untill i actually truly looked at my hair.
    the shampoo&moisturizer i used? full of protein biotin and collagen/as i am dbc with a nice glass & four coarse meal of my stupidity/cluelessness/ignorance D:
    a friend told me about Giovanni my hair feels slightly fluffy with it but i just don't know without knowing how to moisturize properly i saw all of the works i'd done under the sun and count it all as vanity *claps for Ecclesiastes* ^_^
    also not a fruits and vegetables kind of guy but i'am willing turn from my wicked ways and start trying them if for a better diet will help.
    so ladies would you be ever so kind to help this dude out? i would like to know what is a pretty good water moisturizer for daily use,a nice water based leave-in conditioner,clarifying shampoo (i read that i chould just use salt with the conditioner gives same result=)
    while looking for some stuff i became truly overwhelmed by alot of the products why? oh this is cool has coconut oil? supposedly it acts as a protein olive oil&shea butter? i can't breathe etc..
    doesn't list water as a ingredient/ingredients being further down on the list as to say less of it is used/
    or it it does have water but has other stuff that is supposedly bad for my type of hair and i'm left with less options PLUS looking salter than a pretzel. i know oils don't moisturize just using an example.
    my question is even if a product has something that could benefit my hair but has stuff that whouldn't be recommened of use due too my protein overload has me lost with my uh-maze-ing ability to not know what im doing/looking for lol i'm confused as too what too do.
    here's some stuff i thought about getting/still might... also money isn't an issue but i'd rather not buy tons of product.
    Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee(isn't shea butter a sealant? how can it be used as a moisturizer? wouldn't it be too heavy? word on the street is you smell like baked goods O.o
    Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Butter(i see good stuff really looking to try it)
    Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion(same as above)
    Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk(rice milk?)
    kinky curly knot today(not water based so idk)
    Kinky Curly Come Clean(i hold you in one hand & salt in the other)
    Oyin Handmade Hair Dew(oils that are supposedly not good which confuses me)
    Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo/50/50 Balanced Shampoo(cant tell the difference)
    Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream(again sounds heavy but has Glycerin which i think my hair likes but MSM sulfur huh? my brain cannot
    Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream(no protein? but do you have something that acts as a protein?
    so ladies i would really like some tips on how to address the protein overload and get a good hair regimen so i can get my hair healthy thannks again.

    thanks for looking

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    Hello, and welcome .... of course you are welcome here don't you dare leave lol jk, OK let's get into it..... So it seems you have a pretty good knowledge bank on some do's and don'ts already hair especially our hair can be finicky, temperamental, and very unyielding. Once you learn what your hair likes this natural hair process will be so easy.... So you are doing beautifully looking for products to suit your hair type, be very very gentle with your hair ... treat it as if you love it, when you do that you will actually fall in love with it. OK and lastly products since you are protein sensitive or suffering from protein overload you are right to grab a moisturizing conditioner, I like Aubrey organics the white Camellia is the most moisturizing one (I use this when I need a super boost, but I hate the smell of Gardenia's so needless to say it's a last resort for me LMAO) the next moisturizing conditioner I like is Aubrey organics honey suckle rose, these are all deep conditioning products I like to use. I pair it with oil sometimes (olive oil, coconut oil, or oils l have on deck with smells etc. Etc.) Oil first scalp, strands.... ends of hair...) than conditioner... I sit with my natural conditioner and natural oil overnight as a prepoo.... use good stuff and don't skimp or cheat your hair by not using enough product ... you and your hair deserve it .... I use this saying and method when doing my hair. Than wash, or conditioner wash. Sometimes I do both... than grab a deep conditioning system like your white Camellia or honey rose which ever you didn't use last if that makes sense and sit with that on watch movies, eat, clean, workout whatever you like.... don't forget while these conditions are on you have plastic caps on with scarf. I use multiple bags, with multiple scarfs.... rinse with cool water. Use kimmaytube aloe Vera juice, conditioner oil mix... tweak to your liking... than section twist add concoction to strands than butter, been my method since I've gone natural. This is wash day or days .... next week I'll retwist with water, aloe mixture.. sometimes tea mixture than add kimmaytube concoction as leavin, butter than retwist until following week than wash all over again... My hair is in the middle of my back below bra strap length I'm working on waist length.. since my hair has been getting sooooo long I've been going in between washes cause it takes forever to do... but this is my method your welcome to it, lol I've used many products, and I've had many trials and errors so you are welcome to everything ive learned over the years I have type 4a4b... hair. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using CurlyNikki App


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