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  • Should I Go Natural?

    I am currently debating whether or not I should go natural. I am in 7th grade (shh! Don't tell anyone!) and I really want healthy hair, and relaxing it wont do any good. Since I'm basically a fetus, I don't have any money for things and my mother is kinda cheap too. I don't think she cares if I go natural but my dad is apostolic and he says cutting hair (for women) is a sin. I feel like my sister is the only one who wants me to do this... She shaves her head and she likes to keep it low. I recently got a perm about 4 days ago and that is what triggered it all. I wanted to go natural last year (I went about 9 months without one) but I didn't really know how to handle my new growth. I couldn't find anyone transitioning with 4C hair! I permed it again and now I'm attempting this again. My hair is in an awkward stage where it barely touches my neck but it's not a pixie cut. I've only cut my hair once in my life and my ends look like shredded cheese. I don't really have self-confidence and I don't want people to stare and make fun of me if I big chop. I don't want to transition for to long because I feel like it would be a repeat of last time. My brother says that If I cut my hair, "It would be a waste". I asked my crush and he said do whatever you want, but he said no at first. I know this is ultimately my decision and it should be all up to me. I shouldn't let people dictate my decisions but I let it happen. I'm only a lowly 7th grader. I don't have the money for this or the support. My best friend is natural, but she has pretty loose curls which wouldn't help me much.My main fear if I big chop is that I will look like a guy and people will make fun of me even more. I have scars on my arms and legs and people make fun of me for that. I can only imagine what people would say if I cut my barely there hair. I don't know what to do. My parents are straight from Ghana (I was born in Ohio) so maybe my mom could help me. Probably not, she would rip out my hair with a fine tooth comb. I don't know what to do.... Please help me...

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    Do whatever you feel is right for you. If u wanna big chop, then go for it, screw the haters, ppl will talk, but trust me.. Life is way more than what ppl think of you. I understand you're pretty young so all you'll think is what ppl will think of you, but this is for you, what YOU want, not what other ppl want... If u keep letting ppl dictate what you want to do, then life won't be as great. Are they important in your life to make a big decision for you? NO... They dont matter. If you wanna transition, go for it! Cut off an inch every 2 months, or whatever you prefer. Ask your mom for the money for products to get you started w/, and to go to the salon and get it cut a bit. Start off w/ a cheap leave in conditioner, co wash and an oil, thats it! They can all range from $20 and under.

    If u rlly desire to go natural and try something diff for yourself, dont let haters and your dad and your crush and your mom etc stop u! No one matters in your personal decisions, they are not benefiting u, only you can!
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      Hey i have a youtube channel for natural hair teens check it out its called mzkegz Sent from my SGH-I257M using CurlyNikki App