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  • Curly Hair Products: Oldies but Goodies Revisited!

    Many of us have experienced some degree of being a PRODUCT JUNKIE!
    We had our set regimen and HG products that we used faithfully………until our favorite vlogger/blogger posted a product review/demo video or we read an online product review or somehow found ourselves in the Hair Care aisle at Walgreens/Target/Walmart/CVS and just had to buy/try that new product that we'd never seen before or we just went crazy on Black Friday sales taking advantage of every possible discount (this is a great time to try new stuff tho). Anywho, those original HGs didn’t necessarily get thrown out, they just found their way to the back of the closet/shelf to sit and wait…………..and wait………….and wait.
    Every so often we might even pick up a fresh bottle/jar of that old HG product out of habit. But how many times have we actually gone back and revisited them?
    Sound off on any old HGs that you’ve revisited/rediscovered.

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    My revisits this month:
    - Kinky Curly Knot Today: I tried this years ago and it was an absolute fail, I threw the bottle out after only a few attempts to use this. Fast forward to earlier this month after watching a YT vid where someone used it under CR Curl Maker without any flaking. Bought a bottle and miraculously am now see what all the hype is/was about this product and my WnG with CR Curl Maker was flawless.

    - Kinky Curly Curling Custard: This is one of the first products that I had finally achieved a great WnG with after much trial and error ending up with hard "noodle" curls, I had mastered it....then I discovered Olive Oil EcoStyler and never purchased KCCC again. A week ago, I bought it on whim being that I'd had such success with the Knot Today. I watched a few YT vids to get reacquainted with how to use this finicky styler and then figured I would apply similar to how I use my CR Curl Maker. Amazing WnG!!!!! On par with my CR Curl Maker WnG but I feel I have a little more hold. This is a keeper............but I will keep my CR Curl Maker in my stash.

    - Cantu Deep Treatment Masque: I'm a DC product junkie! This was my HG a few years ago but made its way to the back of the stash as I tried numerous new DCs. Having done a PT last week (using my fav CJ Repair Me), this week I wanted an intense moisture treatment. I found a jar of the Cantu Masque in my stash and steamed my hair for 40 mins. Mission accomplished! I will stock up on this masque for the summer, for sure.


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      It's happened most of the time when taking a product fist time you find it very nice and after using many time you find it not effect it as you think that would ...
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