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  • Drying the curly hair

    I have curly hair and sometimes it's very difficult for me to dry them so that they would not get confused and even harder to peel them. I found a useful how-to about drying your curly hair using the hair dryer with the diffuser on one of the Russian-language forums and translated it for you, I hope it will help you as well as me.

    Prepare your hair
    1. When taking a shower, apply conditioner. Thanks to him, your hair will remain moistened and will not crumble. After you wash the shampoo, apply the conditioner to the hair, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the roots (as the fat produced by the scalp serves as a natural conditioner for this area) and distribute it along the entire length to the very tips.
      Some owners of curly hair prefer to wash their head only with air conditioning since the shampoo dries them. Choose the kind of care that works best for the texture of your hair. If you have dry and brittle hair, perhaps an air-conditioning wash is worth a try.
    2. Rinse the conditioner with cool water. Rinsing with cold water (as cold as you can bear) is useful for curly hair. It smoothes the hair shaft and does not allow it to crumble, which makes it possible to get smoother curls. This step will help you keep the shape of curls when you begin to dry them with a diffuser after a shower.
    3. Gently wring out excess water from the hair. Tilt your head down and squeeze your hair, but do not twist it with force. This will also help keep the curls beautiful and vibrant. When you wipe your hair with a towel, the curls break up and lose shape.
    4. Apply an indelible conditioner to your hair. This is optional, but very effective if your hair is too dry and fluffy. Pound a little indelible conditioner between the palms and gently spread the hair, section by section, until you apply it all.
    5. Prepare the diffuser. Most hair dryers have a diffuser included. It is a wide round nozzle with large teeth, rounded at the ends. Put it on the hairdryer and switch it to cold or warm mode.
    6. The cold or warm mode is much better for curly hair than hot. Hot air will dry hair and make them brittle.
    Dry your hair
    1. Tilt your head forward. Most curly people know how important the volume is at the roots, as curly hair tends to cling to the crown under its own weight. To avoid this, start drying them with your head down. The hair will dry in an inverted position and, when you are finished, will have a large volume.If you are uncomfortable to stand with your head down, you can tilt it on one side or the other. It is important not to keep your head straight, because under the influence of gravity, your hair will lose volume, and the crown will be flat.Another way, which some people resort to, is to lift the hair with the help of hairpins. Use hairpins like "crab" to lift hair at the roots, and dry your head without removing them. So you do not need to tilt your head to achieve volume.
    2. Attach the diffuser to the hair dryer and point it upwards. Remember that the temperature should be low or medium. Keep the dryer so that the bowl of the diffuser looks at the ceiling.
    3. Place a small amount of hair in the bowl of the diffuser. Take a not so big lock, trying not to damage the form of curls, and lay it in the diffuser. Just release the hair into the diffuser bowl; You do not need to press them or collect them in a bundle. Do not forget to treat your hair carefully.
    4. Raise the diffuser until it touches the head to dry the roots. To access the roots, the teeth separating the hair should touch the scalp. Hold the diffuser in place for a few seconds to allow the roots of the hair to dry. You can rotate the hairdryer in a circular motion to lift the hair and dry the entire strand. When the roots dry, lower the diffuser and let the hair fall freely out of the bowl. Do not keep the diffuser in one place too much debt. You need to dry your hair by about eighty percent. If you overdry them, they will swell. Try not to dry the tips. If you can, leave the ends of the hair hanging from the diffuser - so they will quickly dry in the air, but you do not risk dying them.
    5. Go to the next section of hair. Take another strand, next to the first, and repeat the procedure. Place the hair in the diffuser and lift it to dry the roots. When the hair dries up to 80 percent, lower the diffuser and release the hair.
    6. Continue until all the hair has dried. Dry roots and curls with a diffuser, section by section. Since you have to stand with your head down, you will most likely have to stop several times.
    Finish your hairstyle
    1. 1 Apply serum or hair gel. This will accentuate the curls and prevent them from pushing up. Apply the tool section by section, trying not to pull the hair and not to break their shape. Brush or comb you do not need - just your fingers.
    2. Try not to touch the hair too often during the day. Curls are prone to loam if you touch them constantly. After drying your hair, leave it as it is for the whole day. Try not to collect them in the tail, do not win a hat or hat (unless, of course, you are forced to weather) - because of hair and accessories, hair can become too fluffy.
    3. If necessary, use a hairspray for easy fixing. Avoid varnishes of strong or maximum fixation, since curls can turn out to be fixed, and the hair will look like a helmet. Easy fixation will allow the hair to remain mobile and alive.
    • There are also fabric diffusers. Such a diffuser is suitable for any fen, and it is convenient to take it with you on a trip, but when drying with it the hair is shaken a little more. When using, keep it close to curls and drive up and down.
    • The described actions may not suit everyone. Make changes to the technique, taking into account the characteristics of your hair.
    • While the hair is drying, try not to touch them with your hands, so as not to fluff.
    Source. Though it is in Russian, you can watch every step videos for the better understanding of the process.

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    Hello, I live in manhattan and have been curly for a year, I would like to bc but i dont know any salons or anyone with curly hair like mine. I think I am in between 4a and 4b and 4c (baby hairs) lol. I am definitely interested.
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