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    Ask all of your henna and ayurvedic questions here!

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    Originally posted by *CurlyNikki* View Post
    [CENTER]Ask all of your henna and ayurvedic questions here!
    Is it safe to do a henna treatment 48 hours after dyeing my hair?

    (first ... lol)


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      Is it safe to henna on relaxed hair. I'm ten months post last relaxer.

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        Originally posted by naturalinkc View Post
        Is it safe to do a henna treatment 48 hours after dyeing my hair?

        (first ... lol)
        Hi there,
        henna is safe for post chemically treating however using henna over your new color can be totally unpredictable, always do a strand test befor eproceeding. Be sure to put your strands in a ziploc baggie or saran wrap and let them sit in a warm place for about 4 hours to get the similation of the way it will be when you do it on your entire head and I always ask people who ask me this what is your reason for wanting to henna so soon after a color treatment? (i.e for conditioning, to change your color, etc) There may be a more suitable option for you under certain conditions.
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          Originally posted by JaliseH View Post
          Is it safe to henna on relaxed hair. I'm ten months post last relaxer.

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          Hi Jalise,
          it is perfectly safe to henna on relaxed hair another of the joys of natural hair care
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            Hi Sharika: this is an awesome idea and I love that you have your own "Ask Sharika.... post", you know I'm going to take advantage of it.

            My question: can I use a hand mixer to mix my henna? I have very bad shoulders and I find that when I'm mixing my henna my shoulders end up hurting really bad. Can a hand mixer be used or is there an easier way to mix henna that is easy on the shoulders?

            Thank you
            Peace, Light & Love
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              Hi AJSIMMONS!
              I can completely understand and mixing with a hand mixer will not hurt however to avoid a big mess be sure it's on the lowest setting.
              Another option is being sure that your liquids are warmer, sometimes cold liquids make henna difficult to mix.
              Use a plastic fork or wooden spoon and a large bowl to increase surface area instead of mixing in a smaller container (then you can transfer it to a smaller bowl to wrap it up for dye release)
              Also if you are mixing in powders that may be a bit lumpy (sometimes the ayurvedic powders can have a few lumps) just use your fork to break up lumps before adding your liquids.
              I totally enjoy trying to 'share the love' so here we are-keep the questions coming
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                Hi Sharika!
                I've wanted to change my regimen to fully Ayurvedic for some time now but I have no idea where to start. So far, all I've ever used was Vatika oil which I LOVE but I want to be able to deep condition as well (I don't shampoo). I also have some Kalpi Tone powder that I haven't used yet. Any suggestions?

                Oh and I'm 9 months into my transition w/ 2 inches on texlaxed hair and 4 inches of fully relaxed hair (and I'm 4a and Vata) if that makes any difference.

                Thanks! And sorry tha this is so long
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                  Hi Sharika

                  I'm Vata. What products should I be using? I'm loving this amla pomade by Qhemet, but wonder which oils are recommended for my dosha type.



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                    Don't know what Vata or Dosha is and would like to know, can you explain. Also, I bought a bottle of Neem oil but can't remember what I heard about neem oil, I only remember that I thought it would be a good idea to use on my hair. Can you give me some ideas or reasons to use Neem oil.

                    I agree whole-heartedly with AJSimmons that this is a great idea, keep up the good work.


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                      I am so excitied for this post... I am a Kapha.. any suggestions???


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                        I'm just learning about Ayurvedic treatments and my body dosha type is Pitta. I have fairly thick, dry 3a/3b curly hair. I've recently been moisturizing my hair more but still notice dry hair and scalp especially a few days after I wash. I also noticed in the last month or two a few bald spots (out of the blue) around the crown of my head. I only use natural products but I've never tried any of the items on your website and they look great! Can you suggest products/ a hair care regiment for me taking into consideration the things I've mentioned above?

                        Thank you!
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                          Henna Issues

                          Hi Sharika,

                          It is really great that you are doing this.

                          My problem is that when I started doing Henna treatments I noticed a change in my hair. My curl pattern seemed to change and started doing some weird things. It normally did this corkscrew thing and after the Henna the curls relaxed and started to wound, twist, and turn into a weird overlapping shape. It started tangling more which caused single strand knots which later led to dry and damaged hair. My hair's porosity also went from normal to overly porous quickly. Is this normal? I did an amla treatment which seemed to bring the curl pattern back and my hair is getting better but i'm afraid to use the Henna again. Can you give me some feedback on this?


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                            Cassia, henna, amla and brahmi

                            I should be receiving my cassia, henna, amla and brahmi from your company today and I'm so excited to use it. I was wondering if you have any recipes for mixing if I want more benefits of henna and cassia but not a lot of the dye from henna and also how much of the powders to add in as well. This thread came right on time!!!


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                              Hi Shakira,

                              I am a Pitta. I was wondering if you had suggestions to oils and an ayruvedic routine I could follow?