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  • Originally posted by TamiLoveAmore View Post
    I'm not sure whose saposta answer this but I do:

    Curly fro (batnu knots, twist out)
    Mohawk (braid up the sides and twist the part you want curly)
    And just a puff with a head band hope this helps!

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    Thank u

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    • Hello im new to this and im just trying to find my way around. I have no clue how to post a thread or anything from this app. How do I start a forum or thread

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      • Lost in the forums..... HELP!

        Hi Shanice, I just joined a week ago and I am still trying to figure this all out. I have enjoyed reading all the great information, but I would like to join a few challenges and become more knowledgeable about my hair. Good luck and welcome!


        • kay ... so i did the BG in January and at first my hair was in awesome condition! now in the summer (long story short) on the side of my head near my ear some of my hair was ripped out, now the rest of my hair is still huge but that part that was ripped out is I mean stays DRY. In fact my whole head DRY within minutes of moisturizing it! It is driving my crazy within I'd said 5-10 minutes of moisturizing it goes dry. And I feel my hair well scalp kind of hurts ..really bad. my sister thinks that that little side on my head that was ripped out is causing my hair to break out ... it never stays saturated ....

          Here are the products and natural things I used

          Eden peppermint hairmilk, Eden leave in conditioner
          As I Am leave in conditioner
          Cantu Shea butter
          African pride olive miracle leave in
          Olive oil
          Grapeseed oil
          I used natural deep conditioner which is the Mayo, eggs, and honey

          i think thats all .. I obviously need new hair products and better hair care ...I've dyed my hair twice too thats probably why its drier.
          But my hair in the summer was so pretty! Compared to now! It mats within like 10-15 minutes .-. My sister said i should start over again and do a BC. Because the hair that was ripped out in July hasn't grown back yet .....Can someone please help! give me ideas of new products and new daily morning and night routine and how to grow the hair that was ripped out!

          This was the summer! (its so pretty!)

          Here is how it looks now can kinda tell where my hair was ripped out on the left side.

          Sorry its so much!


          • So I mini big chopped like 2 weeks ago and the styles I used to do don't come out right. It's like no definition. So I resort to.wearing a puff, my edges are already thin nah. What should I do? I've been told my fro is too big to wear out and my shrinkage is bad so I'm.not going have a wash n go

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            • My hair has a lot of flat spots and bulk which is a better cut deva cut or ouidad?


              • Hey Nikki!! I am so loving my hair lately..but you know I can't go without cutting it off. How does one survive the in between phases?
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                • Hey boo! Do NOT cut yo' hurr. Pin it up, headband it, twist it, but don't cut it! I'm loving your pictures on FB... that profile pic. Hubby said, 'Gaye hair is sexy, she doing it!'. So that's how you survive the in between phase, experiment and rock it! (oh, and throw away the scissors)