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  • A Prayer and A Dollar

    I know and understand that I will probably have a lot of negative comments but now a days you have to try everything so here it goes. I am in danger of being evicted very soon from my apartment and am in desperate need of help. I ask that if it is possible and if you can afford it, can you please donate $1 to my GoFund me account. I know that every little bit counts and adds up quickly. Whether or not you are able to donate please pray for me. I know with all the scams out here that it's hard to trust anybody, especially online but I'll answer the questions that are probably on your mind. Yes, I do have a full time job where normally I can afford my monthly bills. Even though it is paycheck to paycheck. I had a double payment drafted out of my account from Sallie Mae/Navient which left me short on rent and Sallie Mae wouldn't refund the extra payment. My leasing office doesn't accept partial payments and once the late fees started to be added on it became impossible to get the money I needed. Yes, I have asked family and friends. I have applied for loans. No, my family and friends can't help and I wasn't approved for the loans. Yes, I have tried to look into programs that try to prevent eviction such as the Salvation Army but everyone's funding is limited and I couldn't get help. This is honestly a last ditch effort because I do not know what else to do. So thank you for any help and prayers given.
    Eviction Prevention by Christa Prettygirlrock Johnson - I am simply trying to raise enough to prevent eviction from my home. I was short one month on rent because of another bill and it became a snowball effect. And my leasing office won't take a partial payment. A dollar from everyone would be great to me. Anything to help and every little bit counts...

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    Hi I have hardest time trusting ppl online because I been paying ppl online. Once it was stolen... I am sorry. I can't do it but I can reccomde you to go to, where you can get more donation because it is a donation like fund where ppl speak out against law, medicare, anything....then other ppl post it on website publicly. I will post it via facebook, pinterest, twitter, once I see it. I will put it on Hairlista if you want me to...too. I still will pray for you.

    O Father, I ask you to help your child following her dream and accomplish her goals in preventing eviction. It has been a long struggling walk, she doesn't want go there again. Noone should be in black dark hollow, fight and win the battle against Devil. It is seeming he is messing with her happiness. Get in her way of what you are giving as blessings. I praise for all you do, I know you are the Truth and True. Devil is just jealous I am on my knees praising the worthy of you, King of Kings. I am asking and I know you hear. I have faith in you regardless. Amen.

    Can you pray , yourself too. He would like to hear your words too I have done my parts praying for you. Now it is for you to pray since your faith counts bigger


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      Many people have been cheated online by asking for help ....
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