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  • Do you look your age?

    Usually people I don't know well confuse me for a middle schooler or freshman. I assume it's because I'm petite and don't dress overly grown. I'm about to be 18 and in college. I'm trying to think of some ways to look older/more mature hair wise and fashion wise. I've been wearing more blazers lately. I might start wearing makeup....

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    I'm 24 and people swear Im in high school. My senior yr of college, I was asked if I was a rather look young than to look like I'm 45 yrs old when I'm actually in my 20s lol ...sometime wardrobe plays a part in it

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      People usually think I'm older than I actually am. When I was 14, somebody asked where I'd graduated college -_-


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        I look young and sound young!! I'm 24 this year and people think I'm 16-18. I went to my sisters high school and they asked me for a hall pass. I've been places with my boyfriend and I get carded or refused entry into lounges and bars. And when I talk to adults or have to to my sons doctor's I have to be overly assertive to get the respect I want. But when I'm 40 hopefully I will look 30

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          When I was 14-15 people would say I look 18-19 and now that I am 19; soon to be 20 people tend to say I look 16. Smh.

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            I look and sound young also. I'm 22 and most people think I'm 16, even though I have a 2 year old o_O





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              People say I look older than ehat I am. I remember this one guy said something quite vulgar to me thinking I was legal age and I was like i'm 14 (at the time). He was just like well my bad yoy still look good. Ugh -face palm-!

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                When I was in my teens and early twenties, everyone said I didn't look my age, that I looked older. Especially when I stood next to my older sis who's 6 years older than me (33 but looks 15) and I hated it. Now, I my late twenties they say I look younger, which I love, except when I'm near my sister in which they still think I'm the older sibling.... smh, go figure....

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                  I never look my age. I always look young no matter what I do. Might be cause I don't wear makeup.

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                    I don't look my age at all - none of my sisters do!... WALMART refused to sell us Tynenol with i was sick because they thought we were 18 i believe... I'm 24
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                      I'm turning 27 and I always have the high school boys trying to get my # maybe because I'm short? Lol idk



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                        When I was 14 and with a group of newly met people. When they found out my age they were shocked they thought I was 25. I still get that to this day!


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                          I get it all the time....I will be 40 in October

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                            Girl!!! No you won't! You look awesome.
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                              I'm turnin 17 and people say I look 12-14 lol I jus need to start wearing a little makeup nd hopefully I will look my age