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  • February hits n misses

    .......So what's working for you this month??? And what needs to be trashed?

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    PJ and proud of it.
    BC 7/17/11

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    HITS: Jamaican Pimento Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil,Chagrin Valley Rosemary Mint shampoo bar & Chagrin Valley Chestnut Henna Shampoo bar.

    SO FAR SO GOOD: Tropic Isle Rosemary JBCO hair pomade
    *I'll be continuing to use on my twists to ensure that it is consisently good.
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      Hits: Design Essentials Mousse for Naturals, Twist Mist for Naturals

      MEGA HIT: Design Essentials Organic Cleanse, Moisture Retention, and Express (Not curly girl friendly but omg they do the job)!
      Last relaxer May 2011 BC'ed April 13, 2012
      Simba's Details:
      3C/4a Corkscrew/Fractal/Zigzag Curls
      Density: High Density (Me) Tot: (Medium Density)
      Width: Medium (Me) Tot: (Medium to Fine)
      Porosity: Low Porosity (Me) Tot: (High Porosity)

      Simba's Staples: Donna Marie, Camille Rose, GDLI, Organicals, Design Essentials (Organic Cleanse, Twist Lotion, Creme Gel, Mousse), Curls, Bee Mine, Koils By Nature Coco Aloe Deep, Chagrin Valley--Henna Bar and Det. Tea Rinse


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        My big hit~

        The following Shea Radiance products I've tried:


        Nourishing Repair Hair Treatment
        Maxiumum Moisture Poo & condish

        If the rest are as wonderful as the above, I'll be a happy camper .

        I've had the Trader Joe's Refresh Vit C conditioner for a couple of months. I was already in the shower and asked hubby just to hand me any type of conditioner and that's what he handed me. I was blown away at how awesome it was~. Wow, I really slept on that one.


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          Hit: receiving by Qhemet Biologics package five days after I placed my order. Yay!


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            Miss: Wash and go. The cut I had when I was relaxed makes it look like a bad frohawk due to shrinkage...and since I'm not cutting it to all be the same wash and go for now.
            Thick, dense, coily, protein friendly 4-something hair

            Product Junkie


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              Huetiful Nano Smoothing Treatment EPIC FAIL. My hair feels rough and it is stiff. This definitely is NOT for thick, heavy 4b hair! I looked better when I walked in with my 3 day old twist out! At least the stylist was apologetic.

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                Hit: Cream and Coco Raspberry Ganache Deep Conditioner Truffles mixed with coconut milk. My hair is so soft and smells delicious.


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                  Originally posted by PinkIce View Post
                  Hits: Design Essentials Mousse for Naturals, Twist Mist for Naturals

                  MEGA HIT: Design Essentials Organic Cleanse, Moisture Retention, and Express (Not curly girl friendly but omg they do the job)!
                  Do you use the Design Essentials Mouuse for WnGs?

                  HIT: Suave Humectant Conditioner for co washing, and JBCO for sealing
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                  Hair regimen:
                  Pre poo (EVOO or EVCO) sometimes...not often
                  co wash every two weeks
                  DC once a week
                  Henna every two weeks
                  Betonite Clay cleansing every two weeks
                  Clarify shampoo once every 45 days or so
                  dust when needed
                  weekly protective styles


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                    Hit: Paul Mitchell the conditioner, one n only argan shampoo, tresemme naturals conditioner, shea moisture anti-breakage masque

                    Miss: one n only argan conditioner

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                      Hit: Trader Joe's Green Tree shampoo and conditioner...OMG...that conditioner, I love.


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                        Hit: oyin Hair dew again! I forgot how much I loved this stuff. & castor oil. Castor oil is the business.

                        Miss: taliah waajid's curl cream. Made my hair sticky so maybe I should use it on completely clean hair


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                          Hit: CD Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother
                          BC 2/17/2012


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                            Coco & Cream Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar: Swore off shampoo bars a few years ago after first trying one by KBB; gave them to my boyfriend after 1 use. Having received this Coco & Cream shampoo bar in my Jan CurlKit, I gave it a try primary cause it smells so yummy and this gives a nice slippery cleansing to the hair. Am really liking this!!

                            As I Am Coconut CoWash: I don’t particularly care for the scent of the AIA products which is why I never really got into them, but after receiving this biga** jar in my Jan CurlKit, I had to try this and am liking it; might actually repurhase.

                            Shea MoistureCurl & Shine Conditioner: I was able to get my hands on a number of the new SM products but this is one that I will definitely repurchase. I use it as the last step of my pre-poo process and I use it as my “sealing conditioner” when I DC.

                            Flaxseed Gel: Making it was soooooo easy and its so inexpensive! I used it as more of a “finisher” on top of my curl cream. Only MISS related to this is the fact that because its homemade, it has a short shelf life (inspite of my keeping it in the refrigerator). I use a nickel size at most as I shingled my curl cream throughout my hair so there’s A LOT left that I know I am probably going to have to throw out. I used the ¼ cup flaxseeds to 2 cups water but next time I will go with 1/8 cup flaxseeds to 1 cup water.

                            Rediscovering products that I already had in my stash:
                            oOM Hair Bling: I have no idea why I stopped using this! I clearly had been loving this product as I had used a little over half of the jar. Re-loving it all over again!
                            oCantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream: I definitely recall not getting a good result with this product a while ago. BUT since I have been LOVING the the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for my WnG, I switched up from my HG Curl Junkie Argan & Olive Oil Daily Conditioner as my LI and used this instead. Perhaps there really is “something” to products from the same line “working well together”.
                            •Incorporating elements of HAIRSCAPADES “Steps to Building Sustained Moisture” into my my DC regimen, specifically the steps for “Cool & Seal”.

                            Changing up my process for doing my WnG: With the products that I am using for my WnG, I found that I’m getting better results when I don’t use an oil to seal my LI!! I don’t know if its because my curling cream has sufficient butters and oils to take care of it in addition to the steps I’ve started taking to sustain moisture. I’ve just been getting terrific WnG hair days these past weeks.

                            •Figuring out how to make the most of my curl pattern. My curls have definitely “evolved” since I transitioned and have pretty much settled into corkscrew coils. No matter what I did, my hair would always seem to morph into a headful of coils. I could have a fabulous twistout, braidout or coilout but within a day or so, my hair would start to “divide and coil” on its own to form coils. This was frustrating when it first started happening about 2 years ago (while I was on a business trip in Orlando) but in time I realized this is the curl pattern that my hair has settled into. Not sure how many long-term transitioners have experienced a change in their curls over time but for me, finally figuring it out instead of “fighting” it has been the biggest HIT overall.

                            Has anyone found a cure for HIH (Hand in Hair) Syndrome!! I feel like I've gotten better but before I realize what I'm doing, my hands are all up in my hair!


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                              Hit: Cream and Coco shampoo bar from the January curlkit. & KBN leave in conditioner.

                              Miss: bentonite clay.. Le sigh
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