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    Please someone tell me I'm not the only one that DVRs this show...
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    I DVR it too but I haven't watch it in over a month. I know my DVR is going to start erasing it to make available space.

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        ok good! cause I want to talk about it with someone!

        SLL - hurry up and catch up girl! We let ours build up too sometimes and then watch it all throughout the weekend while we wash and fold a mountain of clothes

        FMH - so what do you think is going to happen to Sharon? I thought she was gonna turn herself back in when she writing those letters at the motel.

        And what the HEEELL was she thinking messing around with Adam!!!

        And they killed my boy Kane off I am SOOOOOOOOOO pissed about it. I almost stopped watching the show after that but i'm thinking maybe they'll try to write him back in later on and say that he was faking his death to keep his family from being in danger.
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          You are not ... I've been watching since I was about 8 .. I DVR Y&R and B&B. But I mostly watch Y&R.

          Sharon - My prediction will be that she stay with guy she met (I can't think of his name) at his ranch. I believe as a while she will finally confess to him what she's done and been accused of and they will fall in love and he will help her reclaim herself and clear her of all charges.

          Sophia - I think this could be Neil's baby? But knowing the writers, they will have us thinking that until the very end - when the paternity test prove that it is in deed Malcolm's. But if it is Neil's what - he and Malcolm will come to blows.

          Cane - I don't know what to think of this S/L - there is a chance he still could be alive? I don't know. I hate that they killed him off. I want Lily to find out about his father and blackmail. I think it will make her stronger. Also who is leaving the items at Cane's gravesite for Lily to find? Who is this mystery woman who just happends to walk by?

          Billy/Victoria/Daniel - the truth will come out about the baby - Victoria will loose her and she will have a nervous breakdown. There is no way Phyllis will let them raise her granddaughter.

          Jana - she is getting on my nerves - still chasing after Kevin and all her schemes.

          Neil - I think he and the attorney are a good match. But it won't last because of the Sophia mess.

          Diane/Victor - a marriage of convenience for the two of them. They each love someone else. Diane is only in it for the security and the money. Victor - not sure what his motives are - just to get on everyones nerves.

          Phyllis/Nick - what could evolve from that ...

          Heather - looks to be pregnant (for real). Have you noticed she always wears black and never show her full body anymore - also her face has filled out.
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            I watch it pretty much everyday!! Y&R is thebombDOTcom

            BlondeByDesire I agree with ALL of your comments!!

            Im so over the jana situation, i really am. Im ready for them to expose what shes doing and where Billy got that baby from.

            Phyllis and Nick are killing me softly because I think Phyllis needs a bad boy, and Nick is kind of boring me...

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              Love, love, love Y & R, I DVR it every day or watch all the episodes Saturday night on soap net if I don't watch during the week.

              Sophia's baby is going to be Neil's then him and Malcolm will be Speaking of Malcolm, I wished they would have brought Shemar More back instead of Eddie Winslow!

              Jana is crazy and between her and Kevin they will find out that Lucy is Daisy's baby and Victoria is going to have a mental breakdown.

              Nick and Phyllis are the new Victor and Nikki...they will always find their way back to each other.

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                I agree ^^^

                I hate Eddie Winslow playing Malcolm ... not a good match at all.

                I see they bought the old Noah back.


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                  Watching Y&R right now, so......
                  Sharon storyline right now reminds me of Victor & Hope, can't theses writers think of something else.

                  Cane is still alive or he has a twin. He actually talks to Lilly today.

                  Malcolm & Neil are just reversing roles, again, can't theses writers come up with something else?

                  Nick is BORING as hell!!!!!!

                  Jill is dumb as hell!!!!

                  Diane & Nick were not a good match. Get rid of her.


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                    I watch on soapnet at 6am...I dont have a DVR LOL

                    I am sick of sharon and for real for real she her character really disgusted the heck out of in the world does one fall in love with a man that delivered your baby, told you it was dead, only to give it to another woman....not to mention he scared poor ashley so bad she fell down the steps and miscarried.....I was happy when she got convicted LOL

                    I dont know about the Cane situation...I think he is alive and there is some funny business going on...maybe he had to pretend he was dead to protect his family

                    I can't stand Chloe and I may be in the minority here but im rooted for jana and kevin to get back together...the girl was/is brain damaged for goodness sake...

                    The whole Neil and Malcom thing is a mess I hope it turns out to be Malcoms but you never know
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                      yeah I'm glad they bought the old Noah back and I really liked him and I am SOOOO in love with Kane I dont want it to be over. :-/ LOL

                      Yeah Nick just makes Phyllis weak in the knees. LOL! I like her and Nick together but Nick was TRIPPING over Sharon he was REALLY getting on my nerves during that whole
                      ordeal last year.

                      This Sophia and Neal thing?!?! UUUUGH! I'm so pissed! I hope it turns out to be Macolms too. I dont think this is going to work out with the attorney and Neal because he's all fake in love with Sophia on the down low. Which I dont know why because he couldn't stand her when he first came on the scene

                      FreeMyCurls YES!!! I'm thinking that too. I'm really thinking Kane is going to turn out to have a twin or something and his twin was the one that was actually killed. Because he was tryna talk to her or say something before he died but never said it. At least I'm hoping that Lily really isn't losing it.

                      And Diane gets on my LAST nerve I dont even know why they brought her back.
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                        I love Y&R....been watching it for as long as I can remember. I dvr it and watch it faithfully.

                        I think Jana may try to kidnap the baby...she is nuts! Chloe has been warning them for the longest. They keep saying how safe the kids are with her and we know how the writers like to make them eat their words. Daniel shoulda told Billy long time ago since their interests are the same.

                        I have never liked Nick and Phyllis together. Nick is so on my nerves right now...I hope they do get back together though only so I can watch Diane steal him away...its called karma baby...and those two will make the catfight of the year.

                        The obvious Nikki/Jack storyline....yawn.

                        Still trying to figure this whole Cane/Lily thing out. When is she gonna find that frickin letter?! I'm not sure if its a twin or faked my death thing...just glad he's back...there was a whole campaign on FB to bring him back. I read Cane's mom comes to town next can't wait!!

                        The chick who plays Heather is pregnant in real life so she'll be gone soon. They are trying to bring back the actress before her...hopefully that works out...I liked her better.

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                          I've been watching since I was about 8 yrs old. My granny bought me a VCR to record it when I was in 6th grade ... she was tired of me taking her Soaps in Depth to catch up ... lol.

                          Unfortunately, I'm like a month behind. My DVR kept cutting the shows in half so I started playing catch up in YouTube. I have to admit, I faintly lost interest because the whole Sharon/Adam pairing disturbs me.

                          This thread makes me want to speed up my catching up.
                          Getting there ... slowly but surely.

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                            I have been watching and loving it since day one. I tape it and watch it after work, in order to relax. Can't believe I can talk about natural hair and my favorite soap in one place!!
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                              Adam is too crazy. You see the stunt he pulled in the church.

                              Poor Nikki - can't get thru anything without a drink. I hope somebody catch her.

                              I'm so glad Sharon changed her clothes. I was quite annoyed seeing her clean up the barn in stelletos (sp).